Technology bites back: The 10 worst productivity killers

Four of the top five killers of workplace productivity require an electronic device and a digital connection. A new survey from CareerBuilder highlights just how distracting the wired world can be for employees trying to get things done.

Asked to name the worst hindrances to productivity, 2,100 hiring and HR managers said:

Top 10 productivity killers

Nearly three-quarters of employers (74%) have taken at least one step to mitigate productivity killers, such as blocking certain Internet sites (33%), banning personal calls and cellphone use at work (23%) and monitoring employees’ email and Internet use (21%).

Forty-five percent of respondents said workplace distractions compromised quality, while 30% said they lowered morale (especially when other workers had to pick up the slack). A quarter said productivity killers harmed boss/employee relations.

Source: survey, June 2015