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Banish these success-stifling thoughts

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successSuccessful people think differently from others. They don’t let negativity, blame and other toxic emotions slow them down. With their different mind-sets, they’re able to achieve different—and better—results, says Inc. contributing editor Jeff Haden.

He outlines a few thoughts successful people banish from their minds, and he ex­­­plains how you can train yourself to think differently.

“I’ll never get a good opportunity.” Opportunities don’t happen by chance; people earn them. It’s not enough to wait for a promotion, to put your idea on the back burner or take your time saving money for your dream. You have to act. Connect with people who can make things happen. Develop your idea. Find funding. Whatever it is, make it work. “Don’t think about opportunities you need to be given; think about opportunities you need to take,” Haden says.

“Someone else is holding me back.” Maybe someone else did cause a delay or let you down somehow, but that’s over now, and holding onto blame is pointless. Instead, decide that you’ll take responsibility for all failures. “Embrace every failure,” Haden says. “Own it, learn from it, and take full responsibility for making sure that next time you’ll do what it takes to make sure things turn out differently.”

“I don’t have time.” Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day; some are just more efficient than others. Just because a meeting is scheduled to take an hour doesn’t mean it has to. If it can be finished in 40 minutes, do it. Don’t pace yourself to fill allotted slots of time. Instead, work as quickly and efficiently as possible, and then enjoy your free time or put it toward your new endeavors.

“I’d put forth the effort … if I knew it’d be worth it.” No one can guarantee you a result in advance, but you can embrace the fact that great accomplishments come from hard work. If you want to earn a promotion or get a raise, you have to work really hard long before the reward you seek comes into view.

— Adapted from “5 Toxic Beliefs That Make Success Impossible,” Jeff Haden, Inc.

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