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3 main components of engagement

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If you want to be the type of manager who engages employees, motivates them to go the extra mile and keeps them on board, focus on these areas:

1. Communication. A recent Gallup survey found that consistent communication, even by phone or electronically, increases engagement. Engagement is highest when the communication is daily. However, conversations should extend beyond work to discuss employees’ personal lives.

Employees need to know that you are invested in them as people and that you care about them, and they want to feel safe and supported. Do all that by building genuine relationships with your employees.

2. Growth and development. Gallup researchers have discovered that a leadership approach that focuses on building strengths—as opposed to fixating on employees’ weaknesses—is far more effective. In fact, 67% of employees are more engaged when their managers focus on their positive attributes.

To increase engagement, place your employees in positions and delegate work that plays to their strengths. In addition, offer coaching and training that allows them to grow in those areas.

3. Ongoing performance management. When performance evaluations are limited to annual or even quarterly reviews, employees don’t gain much from the conversations. To maximize performance, you need to set clear expectations and work priorities, establish goals and hold employees accountable for their performance. That requires frequent and regular discussions about their responsibilities and progress toward their goals so that you can make adjustments as needed.

— Adapted from “Employees Want a Lot More From Their Managers,” Jim Harter and Amy Adkins, www.gallup.com.

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