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2015 Admin Reality Awards Winners Announced

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In honor of Administrative Professionals Week, we held the 2015 Admin Reality Awards. With categories like Most Frightening Sight in the Office and Most Aggravating Office Tech Glitch, these awards will shine a funny spotlight on the everyday responsibilities of an admin pro.

Our administrative professional readers have cast their votes for the awards. Here are the nominees and winners with the percentage of admins voting for each:

Most Frightening Sight in the Office

The copier repairman sighing heavily and detaching FAR more parts from the machine than he said he would have to


WINNER: ‘Your message has been sent’—when you weren’t even CLOSE to finishing it


Your boss walking toward your desk with a guilty ‘Oh, just one more five-minute task’ grin just as you’re putting your coat on to leave for the night



Most Awkward Break Room Moment

Realizing you just walked out of it with someone else’s coffee


Helping an exec find the napkins only to get called by the wrong name when he thanks you


WINNER: Dumping someone’s awful 10-day old container of Moo Goo Gai Pan into the trash just as they walk in and see you do it



Most Aggravating Office Tech Glitch

WINNER: The copier telling you there’s STILL a paper jam somewhere when you KNOW that can’t be


Faxes that just will … not … go … through!


“The program is not responding. Do you wish to report this to Microsoft?”



Workplace Tradition That Most Needs to Go Away

Performance reviews and goal-setting


WINNER: Birthday cards that have to circulate endlessly around the office for everyone’s signature


Anything involving betting money on football or basketball playoffs you couldn’t care less about



Weirdest Thing About Social Media

Seeing how hard your very uncool company tries to be cool


The people on LinkedIn whose first post is to ask if anyone has a job for them


WINNER: Getting a bunch of Likes just for stating the most obvious things in the world




Best Excuse for Not Using Your Lunch Hour to Hit the Gym

The holidays are just going to come soon and put all that weight right back on!


WINNER: By the time you get there, change, work out, change again and get back, you’ll maybe have time to eat half a banana


It’s just another place you’ll have to make awkward small talk in




The Office Visitor You Least Want to See

Some super-important executive who comes around once a year and everyone seems scared of


That one vendor whose friendliness doesn’t seem even remotely authentic


WINNER: The person who left the company months ago but keeps coming back for visits no one looks forward to


Awards suggested by admins –

Craziest Sneak Attack: the boss emailing you to come to her office for a one-on-one chat … that turns out to be a performance review

Most Difficult Math Problem: trying to figure out the number of days you need to display a tacky “Tell Me Again How Lucky I Am To Work Here Because I Keep Forgetting” sign on your desk because a co-worker gave it to you and thinks it’s really cute

Worst Hair Day: always the one that coincides with someone needing to take your photo for your company ID and the website

Most Certain Guarantee There Will Be No Good Coffee Shops Anywhere Near Your New Job: arriving at work the first day to find that the office coffee (which should always be tested during the interview) is absolutely terrible

Most Far-fetched Urban Legend: the paperless office

And the “You Were SO Close to Finally Getting Out of Here” award goes to your PC, on the day it suddenly remembers as you're trying to go home that it needs to perform 77 updates—and please, “do not unplug or shut down your machine until all have finished.”

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