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3 ways to spot a toxic employee

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in Workplace Communication,Workplace Conflict

Toxic co-workers can rip apart your team. The good news is that most toxic employees can be rehabilitated with coaching and training. The key is to spot them—and address their behavior—before they cause too much damage. Look for these three signs:

1. They expect too much from you. They seem to always want more from you, whether it is more perks, higher pay, less work or even just your attention. They whine and may even give ultimatums.

2. They take credit for others’ work. Employees who rarely give credit to the rest of the team and brag about their own contributions breed mistrust among their co-workers. If they never root for or praise their co-workers, consider that another red flag.

3. They spend more time with leaders than co-workers. While it is fine for employees to have relationships with other managers, if they never spend time with their co-workers, it’s obvious they are preoccupied with climbing the ladder. Chances are, they aren’t all that concerned with being a good teammate.

— Adapted from “5 Ways to Know If an Employee is Toxic,” Chester Elton, www.linkedin.com/pulse.

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