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Building top team performance

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in Leaders & Managers,Team Building

There’s no foolproof way to build teams, but good ones share these approaches:

Teams have goals, direction and urgency. Momentum should be fairly obvious from the start.

Leaders choose members for skill and potential, not personality.

They pay close attention to the leader, watching for engagement. If, during the first meeting, a senior executive leaves the room to take a call and never returns, the message is clear.

They set rules and procedures. For instance: no sacred cows, no leaks, no missed deadlines, no busy work and no blame.

They tackle realistic tasks and bring in new data and developments regularly.

Members work together. Using both scheduled and unscheduled time, they learn to function closely as a team.

They get results, recognition and rewards. Many ways exist to recognize good team performance. Mainly, they want to see the efficacy of their work.

—Adapted from “The Discipline of Teams,” Jon Katzenbach and Douglas Smith, Harvard Business Review.

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