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Tales from the trenches: When being a manager feels so very, very wrong

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You are signed in to Instant Messenger

Jill G: Did you sit down with Big Scott?

You: Ugh, no. I canceled. Pictured myself saying “Hey, I know I was all Godzilla to be a manager, bothered everyone for two years about it, but now I hate it” and I choked!

Jill G: So what are your options? Is it really that bad?

You: Feels like it. I just can’t wrangle people after all. And they just don’t like me. I can feel it. The dynamic has become totally awkward compared to the way we used to deal with each other. Plus the big bosses just put too much on me. All those numbers meetings are SO tense.

Jill G: Is Royce still saying "Results matter!" five times a minute?


You: I think I just went one step too high. Bleahhhh

Jill G: What’s your wife say?

You: Don’t know. She’s not going to want to hear that I want to go back down the ladder and make LESS money  

Jill G: She makes plenty though, right?

You: Yeah, but who wants to wonder if your wife secretly thinks you just can’t hack it at work

Jill G: The big bosses would think that too. No matter what they say

You: Okay, this isn’t exactly stirring my soul! I need inspiration here

Jill G: It’s only been 4 months. You’re still in the stress zone of a big change. That clouds your judgment. The world is full of people who overreacted to difficulty and never got to realize that the mountain seems pretty small once you climb it. Don’t back down from a challenge, that leads to more regret than failing at it. Plus, if you don’t panic when you become a manager, you probably don’t care enough.

You: Whoa! Soul sufficiently stirred!

Jill G: Yeah, you know where I got all that from? Big Scott himself sent me these same IMs six years ago!


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