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Employees can save between 5% and 20% on their home and car insurance if they buy it through your organization’s voluntary benefits program.

That can be a welcome relief to an employee whose health insurance premiums are steadily increasing, and a way for employers to give workers a break on another necessary expense.

About 13% of employers overall—and 22% of large employers—offer auto insurance as a voluntary benefit, the Society for Human Resource Management estimates. Seven percent (15% of large organizations) offer home insurance.

Offsetting HR’s bad news

Those numbers are rapidly rising, says Robert Maloney, vice president of affinity sales for Boston-based Liberty Mutual. Maloney notes that 1.1 million employees have become eligible for its employer-sponsored policies in each of the past three years.

He attributes the popularity of the relatively new employee benefit to a push by insurance companies to work with ...(register to read more)

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