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Don’t lash out at workers who take jury-duty leave

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in Admins,Firing,Human Resources,Office Management

Issue: Can a small organization point to its size as a valid reason to deny jury-duty leave?

Risk: State law exemptions won't necessarily protect you from this type of lawsuit.

Action: All organizations must grant leave for jury duty (but not always paid leave). Plus, you can't retaliate against workers for taking leave.

Federal law and many state laws give em-ployees the right to take leave to serve as jurors, and those laws apply to all employers, not just large organizations. So don't try to dissuade employees from serving.

The Federal Jury Systems Improvement Act, which applies to jurors in federal courts, doesn't require you to pay employees for jury-duty leave. But some state laws do provide additional rights to employees who serve on state and local juries, including requiring employers to pay for jury-leave time. To search an interactive map of state jury-duty laws, go to www.toolkit.cch. com/text/P0...(register to read more)

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