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Limit your email exposure

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in Office Communication,Workplace Communication

At least 65% of Americans use email every day. While leaders often have staff who handle most of it, a sizable amount still must be dealt with personally.

If you check email every five minutes, that means you’re doing it over 100 times a day. Three rules to get it under control:

  1. Don’t touch email twice. The old rule for paper applies here, too.
  2. Email is for facts, not feelings. Visit or pick up the phone.
  3. Never click a link in email. Type the address into your browser.

Other tips:

  • Turn off your phone for set periods, and silence email alerts.
  • Use Unroll.me to manage email subscriptions.
  • Stay out of your spam folder.

— Adapted from “How to Win at E-Mail,” Consumer Reports.

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