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Banish those boring meetings

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in Meeting Management,Office Management

Setting a few rules about your meetings can make them effective and energizing, writes Jenny Evans in Fast Company. Here’s how to do it.

•  Enforce breaks. People need a little time to get some air and stretch their legs periodically.

•  Encourage movement. Sitting for long periods can decrease energy.

•  Hide the chairs. Standing during a meeting can help ensure it’s short.

•  Take a walk. One or two people can take their meeting to the hallway or streets.

•  Limit junk. Snack foods will lead to sugar highs and crashes. Serve foods high in protein and fiber instead.

•  Put the phones away. No multitasking—participants must focus on what’s at hand.

•  Stretch. If you don’t have time to take longer breaks, short stretch breaks can be just as effective.

— Adapted from “8 Ways to Energize Your Next Meeting,” Jenny Evans, Fast Company.

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