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The HR I.Q. Test: April ’15

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Patrick DiDomenico

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in HR Management,Human Resources

1. The Age Discrimination in Employ­­ment Act (ADEA) makes it unlawful for employers with ________ employees to discriminate against based on age.

a. 15 or more

b. 20 or more

c. 50 or more


2. In 2002, U.S. employees stayed with their employer an average of 4.7 years. By 2014, that number had:

a. Risen to 5.5 years

b. Fallen to 3.9 years

c. Stayed the same


3. Retaliation is the most popular job-discrimination complaint filed with the EEOC. What are the second and third, in order?

a. Age, race

b. Race, sex

c. Sex, age


4. What do Americans say is the No. 1 most important skill for their children to have to get ahead in the world?

a. Writing

b. Logic

c. Communication


5. Which industry has the highest unionization rate in the private sector?

a. Transportation

b. Utilities

c. Construction


6. What tech tool do U.S. employees say is most important to perform their jobs?

a. Internet

b. Landline phone

c. Email



Sources:  1. EEOC; 2. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS); 3. EEOC; 4. Pew Research Center Poll; 5. BLS; 6. Pew Research Center


Answers: 1. b  2. a  3. b  4. c  5. b  6. c


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