Prep new hires with a welcome package

What first impression do you give new employees? You can start new hires feeling organized and in the know before their first day on the job by sending a welcome package in the mail. Include the following:

  • Job description
  • Org chart with titles, brief job descriptions
  • Company mission statement
  • Calendar of upcoming events including holidays, company events, etc.
  • Schedule of paydays and when new hires can expect a first paycheck
  • List of training opportunities available to new hires
  • Explanation of available services, including discount programs, child care
  • Maps of the parking lot and building
  • Forms: You may want to send the I-9, W-4, direct deposit, insurance, emergency contact, 401(k) and beneficiary forms to complete prior to the first day
  • A gift, such as a shirt or coffee mug with your logo
  • Take-out fliers and menus from local restaurants and coffee shops.

What not to send: An offer letter that requires the new hire’s signature. Reason: It could be construed as an employment contract.

Put nothing in an offer letter that might confuse at-will employment status. In fact, your letter can include an explicit at-will disclaimer stating that the new hire is not employed for a specific duration.