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Need a favor? Ask, and ask again

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in Business Etiquette,Workplace Communication

Are you “under-asking” others? Research from Stanford University found that people who fear asking others for favors may be stifling their own chances of getting a “yes.” Get the most from your requests with these tips from blogger Jessica Stillman.

•  Don’t assume. Don’t let your belief that others will tell you “no” deter you from asking.

•  Don’t underestimate. Research shows that for every six people who are asked for a favor, three are willing to say “yes.” Par­­tici­­pants guessed that they’d have to ask 10 people before getting three to agree.

• Don’t give up after one try. Many people stop requesting after getting a single “no.” Research shows those able to help are more likely to say “yes” after being asked a second time.        

— Adapted from “Think They’ll Say No? You’re Probably Wrong,” Jessica Stillman, Inc.

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