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2 toxic types you may need to fire

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Turnover is costly and time consuming, so you should do everything in your power to coach employees to turn around poor performance and behaviors.

However, if after several attempts to rehabilitate the following types, you see no improvement, you may need to cut them loose to protect the morale and productivity of the rest of your staff:

Drama queens and kings. They are gossipy, prone to arguments and quick to point out other employees’ deficiencies. They regularly blow things out of proportion, and their overall negativity brings down the whole group. They like to start conflicts and then sit back and watch things implode. You are often forced to intervene to resolve their conflicts or address their problems.

Take action: When a drama queen’s or king’s antics affect others, meet with the person to describe why the behavior is detrimental, set expectations for the future and establish consequences for failing to abide.

Rebels. While some nonconformity is inevitable and even welcome, a true rebel insists on breaking every rule and resisting every change. They refuse to follow policies or instructions, disregard procedures, and battle you on every process and plan.

Take action: You can’t let insubordination go on because it drains time and energy. In addition, employees may lose respect for you if you fail to act—or they may feel entitled to break the rules themselves. You must enforce the same rules for everyone, so meet with rebels to explain exactly what changes you expect and describe the consequences if they fail to comply.

If you see no improvement, it may be time to consider termination. Meet with your HR department to discuss a plan for moving forward.  

— Adapted from “3 Employees You Should Fire Immediately,” Jason DeMers, www.­linkedin.com.

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Spire soul March 25, 2015 at 10:03 am

You write this from the perspective that the manager is following all the rules and regulations. In my case it is the opposite. I am reciting rules and regulation to curb to insatiable appetite for power, advancement, and control of the manager. It does not matter that labor laws exist and when I confronted the manager for violating labor laws as it applies to me, the company’s legal council goes into defense mode and protection of the manager. This it corruption of the entire system and your article is written such that I am the one needing to be removed. Shame. Shame.


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