3 types of feedback everyone needs

Ensure that you are offering the following types of feedback to your employees on a regular basis:

•  Appreciation. Acknowledge their effort, praise them when they do a good job and tell them often why they are an asset to the organization. Employees need to feel like their work is meaningful.

•  Advice. Actively coach and mentor your employees to help them become better versions of themselves. Address their mistakes tactfully but also tell them how they can take the things they do well to the next level.

•  Evaluation. Let employees know how they rate against the performance standards you have set for your team and the position. Explain what they need to do to be successful within the organization and offer them advice for making improvements where necessary.

— Adapted from “Don’t Be Afraid. It’s Only a Performance Review,” Alina Tugend, The New York Times, www.nytimes.com.

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