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Frame requests to gain what you want

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in Office Politics,Workplace Communication

When you need to ask others to change behavior that is adversely affecting your work, follow this advice:

•  Don’t assume. It’s easy to believe that the person is intentionally frustrating you. However, he or she may be clueless about the impact. Don’t accuse, ask.

•  Respond quickly. The sooner you raise an issue, the easier it will be to resolve.

•  Address issues privately. That creates a collaborative—not confrontational—atmosphere.

•  Make a request. People are more likely to fulfill a politely worded request: “I’d like your assistance in improving the workflow.”

•  Provide context. Describe the behavior’s impact in objective terms: “You submitted 20 orders for ap­­proval on Friday afternoon, which required me to work overtime to process them.”

•  Be specific. Leave no doubt about the change you want: “Please submit your orders no later than noon on Thursday each week.”

— Adapted from Nice Teams Finish Last, Brian Cole Miller, AMACOM.

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