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Stopping ‘Reply to All’ in its tracks

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in Microsoft Email Outlook,Office Technology

Q. People in my organization love Reply to All. I don’t mind getting some of these emails and being in the conversation. But, when I don’t, I’m forced to keep deleting these messages as they come in. Is there a better way?

A. If you use Outlook 2010 or 2013, then, yes! There’s a feature called Ignore on the Home tab in the Delete group.

With any email message in the conversation selected, click the Ignore button. You can also right-click and choose Ignore. When you select Ignore Conversation, the message, its replies and future replies will go straight to the Deleted Items folder. If you want to “un-ignore” a message, just right-click on it in the Deleted Items folder, and click the Ignore button again. It will bring back anything you still have in Deleted items and stop ignoring the thread.

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