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Put an end to pesky autoplay videos

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businessman videoIf you’re like most people, you find it annoying to click an article online and have a video pop up automatically. The trick, says Lincoln Spector, PC World, is to make Shockwave Flash work only with your permission.

Here’s how Spector says you can accomplish it on Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. Christopher Breen at MacWorld also offers fixes.


1. Click the menu icon and select Settings.

2. Scroll to the bottom, and click Show advanced settings.

3. Go down to the Privacy section. Click the Content settings button.

4. In the Content settings dialog box, go to the Plug-ins section. Select Click to play, and then click the Done button.

From then on, a Flash window will appear as a gray box with a jigsaw piece icon in the center. If you want to watch the video, click that box.


1. Press Ctrl-L to go to the address bar, and type in the local URL about:addons.

2. Click Plugins in the left pane.

3. Find Shockwave Flash in the list of plug-ins.

4. Click the Always Activate pop-up menu, and select Ask to Activate.

When you visit a page with an em­­bedded Flash video, the video window will again be a box, but this time it will be white with Adobe’s Flash logo (a stylized letter ‘‘f’’) in the center. A gray bar at the top of the page gives you options to continue blocking or allow the flash. If you click Allow, you’ll get options to Allow Now or Allow and Remember. Spector recommends Allow Now to allow it all.

Internet Explorer

1. From the menus at the top, select Tools>Manage add-ons.

2. In the Manage add-ons dialog box, select Toolbars and Extensions on the left. Wait for the list to appear.

3. Find and double-click Shockwave Flash Object on the right (it’s listed under Adobe near or at the top).

4. In the resulting More Information dialog box, click the Remove all sites button. Then close the dialog boxes.

The Flash windows may not appear at all, or they may appear blank. A bar at the bottom of the window will offer options to allow Flash to play. Click the x on the right to say “No.”

— Adapted from “How to stop autoplay videos,” Lincoln Spector, PC World.

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