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Reveal your true self with these tips

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in Office Communication,Workplace Communication

During presentations, your body can say as much about your personality as your words do—if not more. Follow these tips to convey your true personality. Show that you are:

  • Likeable. Make direct eye contact with your listeners. Move from person to person, looking each in the eye for a few seconds as you talk.
  • In charge. If you want to show others that you are the authority figure in the room, stay calm and use small, controlled gestures.
  • Confident. Keep your shoulders square and your back straight. Open your chest and arms. Don’t hunch or cross your arms across your chest, and you’ll appear confident.
  • Influential. Persuade your audience by nodding, smiling and using plenty of movement throughout your presentation.

—Adapted from “10 Body Language Tips Every Speaker Must Know (Infographic),” Kristin Piombino, Entrepreneur, www.entrepreneur.com.

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