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Fight entitlement mentality

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in Leaders & Managers,Performance Reviews

Are there people on your team who don’t pull their own weight? Who do and say what they please, no matter what it means for the rest of the group? You may be battling one of the most crippling conditions in business today: entitlement mentality.

Entitled employees feel they deserve a job and will keep it by merely showing up to work. You can recognize entitled members by these characteristics:

  • They avoid assessment. Believing their work speaks for itself, they resist any efforts to monitor and review them.
  • They are apathetic. They consider the team’s progress unimportant. They act as if the team is of little concern to them.
  • They are complacent. Satisfied with the way things are, they add little— if any—vitality to the team.

If you recognize these warning signs in certain team members, take the following steps to eradicate entitlement:

  1. Keep people accountable for performance.
  2. Check with employees regularly to see that an assigned task is moving along as expected. Let them know that they are accountable to you and to the team.
  3. Perform regular evaluations. Have team members evaluate themselves and coworkers. Entitled team members will often shape up if they sense their peers disapprove of their behavior.

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