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Take the pulse of your team

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in Leaders & Managers,Team Building

Use this exercise to evaluate how well your team is working together and to isolate problems that might be brewing. Ask employees to complete the statements. Allow them to submit their answers anonymously if you want uncensored feedback.

  • What I like best about being on this team is _______________.
  • I’m most frustrated in the group when _______________.
  • I feel most a part of the team when _______________.
  • I feel left out when _____________.
  • A major problem I see is _______________.
  • I’d be a better team member if _______________.
  • Our team works best when _______________.
  • Our team gets blocked when _______________.
  • I’d be happier on this team if _______________.
  • The thing I’m most proud of this team for is _______________.
  • One of the smartest moves we ever made was _______________.
  • One of our big mistakes was _______________.
  • I’d love to see us accomplish _______________.

Once you have collected the evaluations, review them and find several aspects that you can change to improve how the team functions.

— Adapted from Diverse Teams at Work, Lee Gardenswartz and Anita Rowe, www.gardenswartzrowe.com.

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