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The conversation about ‘balance’ is changing

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in Centerpiece,Compensation and Benefits,Human Resources

work-life balanceThe big, bold headline on CNN’s website recently told viewers: “Work/life balance is dead.”

Social psychologist Ron Friedman, author of The Best Place to Work, con­­tinued: “Many people like the idea of work/life balance, but it’s a myth in America.”

His point: Technology and the global economy have made it just about impossible to compartmentalize work and life separately.

He wrote that there’s no use be­­moaning “the blending of our professional and personal lives.” Instead, he suggested, organizations and their employees should figure out how to successfully integrate them.

Friedman advises companies to give employees control and flexibility over where and when to work. Doing that, he said, will lead them to work when they’re most effective, motivate them to work harder, feel more loyalty to their employers and produce better work.

He pointed to outdoor wear manufacturer Patagonia, whose profits have soared since it gave ...(register to read more)

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