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3 tips for recruiting with Facebook

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in Hiring,Human Resources

Recruiting with social media can attract a wealth of qualified candidates to your organization. While you might think of Facebook as a venue that works best for spreading viral videos and reading up on the latest celebrity foibles, it can be used as a very effective part of a broader recruiting strategy. Follow these 3 simple rules for placing successful recruitment ads on Facebook:

  1. Put it in the right spot. If your organization has an existing Facebook profile, post recruitment ads on a specific tab dedicated to careers. Posting job ads on the front page makes them difficult to find and respond to; arranging them in chronological order on a dedicated tab allows job seekers to easily search and respond to open positions. It also enables easier referrals.
  2. Leverage existing content. There is no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to posting ads or company information on a Facebook recruitment tab. Use existing ad copy, testimonials, or profiles leveraged from your organization’s website or other recruiting vehicles.
  3. Promote it smartly. Fostering engagement is crucial to successful recruiting on Facebook. Intersperse some industry content or discussion points as part of your promotion strategy. You’ll reach the best candidates by giving them something other than an ad for an open position.

—Adapted from “3 Rules for Posting a Facebook Recruitment Ad,” the editors of Modern Recruiting, Identified blog network, www.identified.com.

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