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Plan daily for career growth

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in Career Management,Workplace Communication

Busy managers and executives often struggle to find time to work on professional development and career growth. It’s easy to push aside career planning in order to tend to the latest crisis or put out the hottest fire. Use these techniques to incorporate development into your daily activities:

  • Go out for lunch with people who have similar job titles and share ideas, concerns and strategies.
  • Review your formal job description regularly for things you don’t do often enough, and then add a few of them to your weekly goals or daily task list.
  • Make time for your dream job. Develop a list of the aspirations you had for your current job when you took it, and compare it to your accomplishments. Set goals for working toward any unfulfilled dreams and build them into your development activities.

—Adapted from “Make Time for Growth Assignments in Your Daily Work,” Elizabeth Grace Saunders, Harvard Business Review blog network, blogs.hbr.org.

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