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3 reasons you don’t receive input

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in Leaders & Managers,People Management

Don’t be the type of manager who deters your staff from giving you feedback. Avoid these actions:

  1. Overreacting. Instead of appreciating the feedback, you shoot the messenger. Overreacting usually takes one of two forms: defensiveness—”You know, you make plenty of mistakes yourself”—or rebuttal—”I don’t think my system is that complicated.”
  2. Stonewalling. Your employee offers criticism, and you listen stoically, without responding. Furthermore, you never address the feedback or work to make improvements. Don’t keep employees in the dark, wondering: “What did the boss think? Am I in trouble for telling him?” Better: Thank employees for their comments. You don’t have to agree with the feedback to appreciate it.
  3. Expecting too much. If your staff has never given you any feedback, don’t expect high-quality comments at first. Employees will play their cards close to the vest—and rightly so. Give them time to ease into the process.

— Adapted from Caught in the Middle, Rick Maurer, www.rickmaurer.com.

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