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5 ways to ruin your career

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in Career Management,Workplace Communication

Here are five common mistakes that can derail your advancement up the ranks within your organization:

  1. Insisting on perfection. If you possess micromanaging and controlling tendencies, you frustrate coworkers and employees. Ease up and realize that nothing is perfect.
  2. Avoiding confrontation. If you prefer to take the indirect approach to problems, your peers and direct reports will see you as weak and will grow tired of your passive-aggressive nature.
  3. Fearing risk. A fear of failure makes you indecisive and causes you to stall and avoid taking action. As a result, you tend to stick to the status quo, and innovation is stifled.
  4. Acting like you are superior. If you are overly self-assured or confident, you likely don’t listen to others and you are quick to dismiss feedback from others. That makes everyone resent you.
  5. Trusting no one. Because you are bent on protecting your own interest, you are skeptical, tense and suspicious. Because you are untrusting, people don’t trust you.

— Adapted from “When Leaders Go Off Track,” DDI, www.ddiworld.com.

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