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Focus your presentation

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in Office Communication,Workplace Communication

Speech coaches advise you to organize your speech around the Three T’s:

  1. Tell them what you intend to say.
  2. Then tell them.
  3. And then tell them what you just said.

That means distilling the essence of your speech and delivering that distilled version in the opening moments of your presentation.

How do you take a 15-minute speech and package it into a few sentences? Imagine you are a newspaper reporter. Listen to your speech, and then write a brief newspaper story about it.

That will force you to compress a 15-minute speech into a news item of only a few paragraphs. In writing your “news story,” you will also determine whether your speech has any point at all. Listen to your speech and then write one sentence that describes to readers the most significant point you are trying to make.

If you want to distill your ideas even further, write a headline for the news story. That will be the true test of whether your speech has any point at all.

— Adapted from American Speaker, www.americanspeaker.com.

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