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1. What skill do employers say is most lacking among new college grads?
     a. Problem solving
     b. Communication skills
     c. Teamwork  

2. To be eligible for FMLA coverage, employees must have logged at least how many hours with that employer in the previous 12 months:
     a. 1,520 hours
     b. 1,025 hours
     c. 1,250 hours  

3. Eighty percent of HR leaders rate themselves as “well versed” in financial acumen. What percentage of business leaders rate HR as well versed?
     a. 85%   b. 65%   c. 55%  

4. Percentage of U.S. workers who say they’d like to receive more thanks and appreciation on the job:
     a. 43%   b. 68%   c. 81%      

5. Sixty percent of employees polled by say they spend too much time working. Their top two reasons (in order):
     a. Boss’s expectations; fit in with corporate culture
     b. Job’s requirements; boss’s expectations
     c. Fit in with corporate culture, job’s requirements  

6. How many years has the average U.S. employee been with his or her current employer?
     a. 4.0 years   b. 6.2 years   c. 8.3 years  

7. New OSHA safety rules (effective Feb. 13) require employers to pay for employees’ personal protective equipment (PPE)—such as helmets and boots—if the gear is:
     a. Used by the employee to comply with PPE requirements in OSHA standards.
     b. Used by the employee for at least half of his or her workday.
     c. Used by the employee in the normal course of business.

Sources: 1. National Association of Colleges and Employers; 2. U.S. Labor Department; 3. Veritude; 4. Adecco; 5. Monster; 6. BLS;  7. OSHA.

Answers:  1. B     2. C     3. C     4. B     5. A     6. A     7. A

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