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360-degree feedback

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in Leaders & Managers,People Management

The 360-degree feedback method is a popular way to provide both positive and negative feedback to employees. Follow these tips to use the strategy correctly: 

  • Gather feedback from everyone. To provide a full 360-degree assessment, you need a well-rounded view of the employees. Gather feedback from supervisors, peers, subordinates and clients.
  • Seek and provide input year-round. Don’t ask for feedback just once or twice a year. Regularly reach out to people about how everyone is doing. Then relay that feedback to each person immediately. That steady give-and- take of feedback ensures that performance issues are addressed before they become problems.
  • Focus on team goals. Don’t accept personal opinions or listen and share gripes. Ask questions regarding how each employee’s behavior affects the team either positively or negatively. 

— Adapted from “Improving Team Performance Through 360-degree Feedback,” Nicole Thompson, www.sesp.northwestern.edu.

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