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3 tips on praising employees

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Employees often express a need for more recognition from their managers. Rather than implementing elaborate recognition programs, use the power of personal praise. Deliver it effectively with these three tips:

  1. Be specific. Use specific language to tell them exactly what you like and appreciate. Don’t use a simple “Great job!” when you could cite particular actions the employee took to close a deal.
  2. Tailor the praise to the employee. If you manage an introvert, don’t plan to recognize the person at the organization-wide meeting. Keep employees and their personality in mind when offering praise.
  3. Don’t mix positive and negative feedback. Avoid the temptation to sneak in a critique or tips for next time. It takes away from the recognition.

— Adapted from “How Not to Motivate Employees: 10 Management Habits to Break Now,” Mary Lorenz, www.cnn.com.

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