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Create conditions for passionate workers

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in Leaders & Managers,People Management

You can’t just hire the types of people you want: people who are willing to go beyond your expectations, who plan to stay with your organization for the long term, and who will recommend your organization and its leaders to others. You must create the conditions to nurture those characteristics.

These actions will lead to a workforce that is passionate about your organization’s success:

  • Build connections among co-workers and with leaders. Create an atmosphere where people feel safe and valued instead of worried about competition with their peers. 
  • Provide opportunities for career growth.  
  • Demonstrate fairness in how your organization acts and treats employees.
  • Assign meaningful work with a variety of tasks. Grant workers autonomy in doing their jobs, and ensure that their workloads are balanced.  
  • Deliver frequent feedback so workers understand how they are performing and know how to do better.

— Adapted from “Cultivating Employee Work Passion: The New Rules of Engagement” webinar, Scott Blanchard, The Ken Blanchard Cos., www.leaderchat.org.

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