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Battle toxicity on your team

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in Leaders & Managers,Team Building

When researching and collecting data about toxic workplaces, which eventually led to his co-authoring the book Rising Above a Toxic Workplace, Paul White discovered three distinct symptoms of a toxic workplace:

  • Lack of systems. Organizations simply did not have established procedures in place that guide employees’ actions and behaviors.
  • No accountability. Problem employees create conflict and don’t take accountability for their actions.
  • Bad leaders. Managers either mistreat employees or cause problems because of their lack of communication and conflict management skills.

Takeaway: You can take steps to make your team—and ultimately organization—less toxic. Establish procedures and rules for your team, and then hold your employees and yourself accountable for following them.

— Adapted from “Is Your Workplace Toxic? Wichita Psychologist Paul White Has Some Advice,” Emily Behlmann, Wichita Business Journal, www.bizjournals.com.

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