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Identify problem employees

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in Leaders & Managers,People Management

In most cases with some patience, coaching and training, you can turn most employees into high performers. That said, some employees are incorrigible, and nothing you can do will turn their behavior around.

Here are three signs that you are dealing with problem employees:

1. They give ultimatums. If they regularly threaten to quit or brag about all the other offers available to them, it may be time to cut ties. They will likely continue to demand higher salaries and more perks than others “or else.”

2. They criticize constantly. When employees shoot down every idea, resist every change and complain constantly, they slow progress, stunt ideation and decrease productivity. More than that, their negativity spreads to others. Ask them to commit to making changes or find another job.

3. They have no ambition. The best employees are those who take initiative. If you have employees who show no drive to better themselves or who take no initiative to problem-solve and generate new ideas, consider cutting the dead weight.

— Adapted from “5 Ways to Spot a Problem Employee,” http://business.salary.com.

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