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Don’t be one of these 5 people at work

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workplace conflictAs you go through your career, you’ll learn that every workplace has its own set of characters. But some types are better than others—and some are so bad no one wants to work with them, says Liz Seasholtz, community manager at the HR blog Talent Tribute.

If you want to work well with ­others and be a valued member of the team, Seaholtz suggests you avoid becoming one of these five types of workers.

1.  The Nostalgic One. Talking about how great things were back in the old days does nothing to change today’s reality. If you find yourself resisting change, try to be more flexible in your approach to new processes.

2.  The Faultfinder. If you need to criticize a person, process or plan, make it constructive—don’t just look for negative things to complain about. Criticism can hurt people’s feelings if it’s not accompanied by any advice for making things better. Ask yourself if your comments will be useful before you make them.

3.  The Snitch. Watch out for backstabbers—and don’t be one yourself. Putting the emphasis on someone else’s failure isn’t fair, and it can come back to haunt you. Follow the golden rule and treat your co-workers the way you’d like to be treated.

4.  The Babbler. Someone who’s always sharing an opinion or chit-chatting at someone’s desk can be a fun distraction, but will ultimately drain everyone’s productivity. Don’t be a chatterbox around others. You’re at work to work.

5.  The Competitor. Winning is fun, but at work, everyone is on a team. Let competition motivate you, but don’t let it drive your actions so hard that you lose sight of what’s important.

— Adapted from “5 Types of People You Don’t Want to Become at the Office,” Liz Seaholtz, Brazen Careerist.

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