OneNote essentials

Q. What is OneNote?

A. There’s a lot of buzz since OneNote became a free offering from Microsoft and made compatible on multiple platforms. OneNote has actually been bundled with Microsoft Office since 2002, though it is now free as a Web app from It has evolved from simple note-taking software to a robust multicontent re­­pository that can be shared with others. It functions very much like Word for notes. But you can also access drawing tools to create a collaborative, live whiteboard. You can even print files and Web pages directly into OneNote pages.

Q. How do I print to OneNote?

A. Once you install OneNote, print capability should be automatically set up in Windows 7 and Windows 8. If you don’t see it as a selectable printer, there are a few things to try. If you have just installed OneNote, exit all your Office applications, and restart your computer. If you still don’t see it there, try repairing your installation of Microsoft Office. If you use an operating system older than Windows 7, you will need an additional download of .NET framework. Check with your desktop support team and Microsoft’s support site for specific configuration solutions. Sometimes, a fresh install of Office will bring OneNote in correctly with printer capabilities.

White BoardQ. Can I move OneNote notebooks from one place to another?

A. Yes, you can! If you haven’t shared a notebook with anyone, drag and drop it to its new location. If you’re not sure where it is, copy the path listed in the back stage view, and paste it into the Windows Explorer location bar. If you have shared it with others, MS Office Support recommends creating a new notebook in the desired location, sharing it with your collaborators, and then dragging over sections and pages. Be sure to communicate what’s happening with the people you’ve shared the notebook.