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Bullets in Tables

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in The Office Tech Pro

I had a great question on the Office Technology Today Answer Center free subscriber webinar. How do you manage bulletindent buttonpoints in tables? Well, the answer wasn’t terribly easy, but it is doable.

I recommend getting all of your text in first. Then apply your bullets and sub-bullets. Don’t forget — you can’t use a tab key to create a sub-bullet. You’ll need to use the Indent button.

You may have to turn the ruler on for this next step. You can do that on the View tab in the Show group by clicking the Ruler checkbox. Now, using the slide buttons on the ruler, drag the top one to where you want the bullet to be relative to the left edge of the table border. Next click the lower arrow (not the box!) to where you want the text to begin relative to the bullet.

Select your newly formatted items and click the Format Painter or userulerCtrl+Shift+C. Click and drag over the other text you wish to be formatted the same, or use select it and use Ctrl+Shift+V. You will need to do this for each additional level of sub-bullet. Because it is a bit tedious, I recommend getting all your text in first, then going back and working with this procedure to get your multilevel bulleted lists in order.

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