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Leadership Tips, Vol. 115

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in Best-Practices Leadership,Leaders & Managers

Beware travel burnout. Business travelers typically check their smartphones 34 times a day and work 240 more hours a year than the average U.S. worker. All this productivity comes with a price. Business travelers don’t exercise enough and 60% say they’d feel a bit lost without their phones for just a week.

— Adapted from “The Surprising Truth About Business Travel Productivity,” Graham Winfrey, Inc.

Check your Who’s Who of boomers. It had to happen. AARP has rolled out a compilation of leading baby boomers, the youngest of whom turned 50 last year. The retiree group partnered with a filmmaker and a museum (yes, a museum) to profile 19 leaders—one born each year of the boom from 1946 to 1964—who defined their generation.

— Adapted from The Boomer List, Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, AARP.

Alert your team to project traps. A new eBook analyzes six reasons projects fail: poor planning, lack of sponsorship, budget mismanagement, inadequate resource planning, overpromising/underdelivering and scope creep.

— Adapted from “Top 6 Project Breakdowns (& How to Fix Them),” TechRepublic.

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