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Must we file a new Form W-2 to correct a newlywed’s name?

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in Office Management,Payroll Management

Q: An employee worked for us during 2013, left the company last year, got married and changed her name. So her 2013 W-2 form was issued in her maiden name. She now wants us to reissue her a new W-2 in her married name. Do we have to do this?

A: No. You completed her 2013 W-2 form correctly using her maiden name. The Social Security Administration (SSA) will still be able to post her 2013 earnings to her account. The employee, however, must obtain a new Social Security card showing her married name. The SSA has a fill-in PDF version of Form SS-5 on its web site. You should direct her there. Note: To report a name change, you must always file Form W-2c, along with the transmittal, Form W-3c.

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