What it’s like as an admin at Facebook

If you ask Sara Geiger, she’ll tell you it’s fantastic. Geiger loves the atmosphere at the eight-building campus in Menlo Park, Calif. She loves the free meals, the on-site gym and happy hour drinks. Most of all, reports Claire Moorman in the Dubois County Herald, she feels like she belongs there.

Geiger studied art at the Uni­­ver­­sity of Iowa where the idea of a film career resonated with her. She moved to Los Angeles and interned as a personal assistant for a few film producers. Eventually, though, Geiger realized film wasn’t her calling and she got a job in 2008 working at MySpace as an assistant to a senior vice president of technology.

“I loved the environment. That felt to me like … this new frontier, people trying to figure out new ways to explore and entertain people and try to make it useful for people,” Geiger said. “I was working with a ton of smart people in a really creative environment. It was really fast-paced.”

In 2011, the decline of MySpace was on the horizon, so Geiger took her job at Facebook, as admin for a vice president of engineering. One of the toughest aspects of her job now is maintaining her boss’s schedule. Facebook executives have many demands on their time, so Geiger must prioritize in a way that will keep her boss and the team productive. And on top of all that, she helps manage an annual conference for women with technical careers in her workplace and manages a mentoring program for Facebook’s new admin hires.

Geiger does enjoy all the perks that come from working for the biggest Internet company in the world. But mostly she enjoys the opportunity to take on responsibilities in new areas and challenge herself beyond her typical day-to-day tasks.

She says she can work more than 50 hours some weeks, but doesn’t mind. “As long as I feel challenged and I feel like I’m growing and the company is moving toward positive things, I think I’ll be happy here. I feel connected to the mission and I feel like what we’re doing overall is a positive thing.”

— Adapted from “Facebook admin ‘shares’ details of job she ‘likes’,” Claire Moorman, Dubois County Herald.