Comcast bill dispute allegedly costs customer his job

Philadelphia-based Comcast’s much maligned customer service has taken another hit. This time a Cali­­f­or­­nia man claims a cable TV billing dispute caused him to lose his job with Price­­waterhouse­­Coopers.

The man disputed a charge of $312.50 on his cable bill shortly after Comcast acquired Time Warner Cable, which provided the man’s cable service in Northern California.

He un­­successfully attempted to resolve the issue with Comcast customer service representatives on ­several occasions. Unbowed, he contacted Comcast’s corporate office in Phila­­delphia.

Dur­­­­ing his conversation, he mentioned where he worked and that PricewaterhouseCoopers has a $30 million contract with Comcast.

That call got action, but probably not the kind he was looking for.

Comcast informed Price­­waterhouse­­­­Coopers that the man invoked its name, a claim the man denies. The company launched an ethics inves­tigation that resulted in the man’s ­termination.

Comcast denies that it ever asked that he be terminated.

The man has since sent a letter to Comcast asking for $100,312.50 and an apology. Otherwise, he says he will sue.