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Stump the expert on SharePoint 2013

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How big?

Q. How many columns can I have for a document database?

A. SharePoint 2013 does not specifically limit the number of columns you can create for a document library but instead limits the size of the record a document can have. You can have 7,744 bytes of information stored in columns, not including the document size itself. The way SharePoint stores data is a bit complex, but the more columns you have, more “wrap-around” records are created, which can slow performance. To determine the right columns to create for a document library ask how documents will be searched, filtered and sorted by those who will use them.

External users

Q. How can I grant an external user (not from my company) access to a document on SharePoint 2013?

A. Click on the ellipses (…) next to the document link and choose Share. Depending on how your SharePoint administrator configured settings, you may see an anonymous link that can be sent to anyone or just a form that allows you to invite someone. In the second circumstance, the person will need to sign in to a Microsoft account (free to create) in order to see what you’ve shared. If you attempt to put in an external email and get an error message that external sharing is not allowed, your SharePoint administrator has turned this feature off.

Code and design

Q. Is there any way for SharePoint Designer 2013 to show me both the code and the user view at the same time?

A. It’s definitely not as easy as it used to be, but here is a workaround. With SharePoint Designer 2013 open, look in the ribbon on the Home tab, Preview group, for the Preview in Browser button. You can snap Designer to the left and the Preview to the right. Make changes in Designer and click the Preview in Browser button again. It will refresh on the browser screen you’ve already snapped to the right.

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