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Meet the new boss

How to establish your authority when charged with leading a team already in place

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in Centerpiece,Leaders & Managers,People Management

employees shaking handsWhether you’re managing a new team as a result of a promotion, job change or an organizational restructure, stepping in to lead a pre-existing team (and the established dynamics, group norms, systems and expectations they tend to possess) demands a sound management strategy. Here are a few expert tips on how to manage a team, when you’re its only new member.

Be transparent. The reasons you’re managing a team may be innocent, but don’t assume the team collectively understands the reasons for your new role, or knows the facts about why you’re taking the lead. To ease any underlying concerns about you as their new manager, Lawrence Polsky, author of the book Perfect Phrases for Com­­mu­­ni­­cat­­ing Change recommends calling team members together as soon you step into your role, for the sole purpose of openly sharing your professional background and how it’s relevant to your new role (and theirs).

“Apprehension is a factor when...(register to read more)

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