Payroll goes totally paperless, saving time and money

The Container Store has an entirely paperless payroll department. The transition to a paperless system began five years ago when the Texas-based company adopted new payroll software that allows employees to change their information online.

Eventually, the firm’s 3,500 employees could use the system to securely access all their payroll information at any time from any computer, even from home.

The company stopped printing checks and direct deposit slips two years ago. Employees can use the new software to print out their pay stubs if desired.

“Employees love it,” says Claudine Tudgay, the company’s payroll director. “It’s almost like having the payroll department 24/7.” 

Tudgay devised an online scavenger hunt to familiarize employees with the software.

The paperless system has saved the company thousands of hours and dollars in postage, paper and ink for printing checks, Tudgay says.

The system also has saved the company hiring costs. While the company grows about 20% a year, the payroll department hasn’t had to hire anyone new to handle paperwork because there isn’t any. Even new-hire forms are filed online.

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