Yet another argument against Monday morning meetings

Lots of workers look a little bleary on Monday mornings. Now we know why: Monday is the workday when employees are most likely to be nursing a hangover.

Other than personal experience, how do we know this? As with many questions, the answer is to be found with Google. For 90 days, the Web search company analyzed the relative search volume for “hangover cure.”

Relative frequency of Google searches for ‘hangover cure’

Monday: 22.2

Tuesday: 11.7

Wednesday: 12.6

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Thursday: 14.5

Friday: 20.0

Source: Google Trends, Nov. 11

We blame weekends generally for Monday’s high hangover score. Google’s project ended Nov. 7, so Sunday football tailgating and couch-potato binge beverage consumption may be contributing factors. More likely, though, is the cumulative hangover toll that weekends exact. Saturday and Sunday “hangover cure” searches obliterate the weekday stats, coming in at 56.5 and 69.3, respectively.