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Love your patrons like David Sedaris

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in Best-Practices Leadership,Leaders & Managers

Humorist David Sedaris is known for taking his time at book signings.

One recent event took eight hours and 45 minutes. That must be exhausting, people tell him. His response: How could it be exhausting to have people standing in line to tell you how much they love you?

When he lived in Chicago, Sedaris says, he went to a book signing and bought a hardcover that cost a lot of money.

“I waited in line and when I got up there, she didn’t look at me, she didn’t talk to me,” he says. “She was talking to her publicist about what she was going to do for dinner. And I felt so betrayed.”

Sedaris resolved that, “if it’s ever me at that table, things are going to be different.”

— Adapted from “A little morality tale from David Sedaris,” Lillian Cunningham, The Washington Post.

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