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5 tactics for taming your temper

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in Workplace Communication,Workplace Conflict

Work can be frustrating, but you don’t want to lose your temper, writes author and etiquette expert Jacqueline Whitmore, who suggests five ways to keep your cool.

1.  Take a moment. Examine whether getting emotional will solve the problem. If not, don’t.

2.  Remain reasonable. Take deep breaths and use a calm voice.

3.  Think things through. Don’t say anything you’ll later regret. Also be aware of who may be watching.

4.  Be patient. Other people are dealing with their own issues, and may have challenges you don’t know about. Try not to take things personally.

5.  Put it off. If a confrontation gets out of hand, it’s OK to take a break and come back to talk after calming down. Then take a walk to get a new perspective on the challenge.

— Adapted from “5 Tips on How to Avoid Losing Your Temper at Work,” Jacqueline Whitmore, Entrepreneur.

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