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Keep data safe with two-factor authentication

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Keep data safe with two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication is a more complex login process that can help keep your online accounts and the information you store in the cloud safe, writes U.S. News & World Report data reporter Lindsey Cook. Instead of just using a password to login to your accounts, with two-factor authentication you need a password and a second form of identification—usually your cellphone. Many of the apps and online services you use make it easy to set up two-factor authentication. It will also take a bit longer to log­­in once you set it up, but the security improvement is well worth the trouble, says Cook.

— Adapted from “Keep Your Stuff Safer Than JLaw’s,” Lindsey Cook, U.S. News & World Report.

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Hitoshi Anatomi December 4, 2014 at 2:06 am

Using two-factor authentications could help increase security, but this alone could do nothing for mitigating the issue of hours and money lost by the password hassle so long as one of the factors is the same troubling text passwords as before. Only the two-factor authentication coming with an improved password, which is hard-to-break and yet hard-to-forget, could mitigate this issue and contribute to economy as well as security. This is what Expanded Password System, which accepts images as well as texts, is expected to achieve.

By the way, many people shout that the password is dead or should be killed dead. The password could be killed only when there is an alternative to the password. Something belonging to the password (PIN, passphrase, etc)and something dependent on the password (ID federations, 2/multi-factor, etc) cannot be the alternative to the password. Neither can be something that has to be used together with the password (biometrics, auto-login, etc). What could be killed is the text password, not the password.


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