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YouTube videos in PowerPoint

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in Office Technology,PowerPoint Tricks

Q. Can I have a video from YouTube in my presentation and have it play automatically?

A. It depends upon a few things. First, the video you would like to use should permit sharing. If the Share button is visible in YouTube, you’re in good shape, so far. Now, after clicking Share, be sure you can choose to embed it. If it has an Embed link to click, you’ve made it across the second hurdle.

Finally, does it provide a radio button for Old Embed Code? You can post this code into PowerPoint from the Video button (Online Video in 2013, Video from Web Site in 2010). You can set it to play automatically by choosing this option in the Playback tab.

One final note of caution: Choose carefully and test the day of the presentation. The video you choose today may be re­­moved tomorrow. Or, if it contains commercial advertising preceding the video, make sure the advertising showing up today will not be offensive to your audience. Not all videos on YouTube will have the right sharing characteristics.

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