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14 tips to get better Google results

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in Office Technology,Web Tools

Google knows what you want be­­fore you do, but knowing a few extra tricks can help you get better results. Lifehack’s Katherine Eion offers 14 tips to aid you in your search.

1. Search a specific website by using “site:” before the name. This narrows down the results.

2. Can’t identify a picture? Drag it into Google search and it will tell you what it is.

3. Narrow down your options with “vs” to compare services or products. This targets the results to reviews.

4. Whittle down Google Images results by animation, faces, photos, drawings and so on to help you get what you want faster.

5. Click search tools and then the time window to establish a time limitation on your searches so you don’t get anything too old.

6. Use the “define” command to get the meaning of a word quickly. Type it before the term you’re learning about.

7. Wonder who uttered that quip? Simply put it in quotes, hit enter and Google will find out who said it.

8. Eliminate terms from your results by using the minus sign before words you don’t want included. For example, “soup recipes -gluten.”

9. Pick a price range to narrow your options. The ellipses establish the range: “bookshelves $40...$200.”

10. Use an asterisk to stand in for certain words when you’re looking for multiple options. For example, “how to * a car” will give you results about buying, fixing and driving a car.

11. Can’t find that helpful PDF? Use your search term plus “file type PDF” to narrow your results.

12. Need a handy timer? Enter the term “set a timer” and Google will do it for you.

13. Convert currency quickly and easily. Type the currency you have then “to” and the currency you need to convert it to.

14. When scanning for a site with a certain word in the title, use ­“intitle:” before the word to find it.

— Adapted from “15 Super Smart Tricks To Help You Search For What You Want On Google,” Katherine Eion, Lifehack.

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